Picturesque study of a two-figure statement in a learning context: History and practic


In article the analysis of particularity
of picturesque researching of two-figure composition in a learning context
was implemented, taking into account historical context and practical aspect.
The evolution of the composition’s solution in the two-figure composition
in the case of paintings and drawings by Italian, Ukrainian, Polish and Russian educational centers of the XVIII–XX centuries is analyzed. Conditions for
forming local variations and leadership priorities for the picturesque
interpretation and the symbolic approach to the coloristic concept are
identified. The features of educational tasks and the influence of a qualitative
solution on the development of professional competencies of future
specialists are considered. In particular, this thesis extends not only to the
gradual development, but to dynamic intellectual development of the
individual , to the creative approach to solving problems and to the the
development analytical and improvisational beginnings in the comprehension
of objects, the disclosure of their picturesque characteristics. And
furthermore, we proposed a number of developments practical experience,
which are based onmany years of pedagogical and creative experience.

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