Lychakiv necropolis: memory anthropology pages


The article is dedicated to the unique cultural and artistic memorial, Lychakiv Cemetery Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve. A brief history of necropolis foundation is considered, and general statistics of monuments (burials and tombstones) of different periods of Lviv history are presented. Special attention is paid to those memorial objects that have a special cultural and artistic value, in particular those of authorship of famous sculptors of XIX – XX centuries: G. Vitver, brothers A. and J. Shimzer, P. Evtel, Y. Markovsky and others. Due to the large number of memorial sites related to prominent personalities of the past, selected museum objects of one of the trails along the paths of the Lychakiv necropolis are considered. It gave a possibility to see in the historical retrospective the fate of many famous people, representatives of different nationalities, branches of activity, social statuses. Among them are such famous figures as V. Ksechunovych, A.  Bachevsky, L. Dunin-Borkovsky, F. Mazoch, M. Bauer, M. Shock, M. Poninskaya, A. Grottger, A. and V. Manastyrsky, as well as honorary Lviv citizens of the late XX – beginning of XXI century. The historical-cultural and cultural-anthropological approach made it possible to see the necropolis known throughout Europe as a place of actualization of high cultural meanings, inherent in previous historical periods, indire

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