Infographics as a means of visual interpretation astronomical concepts in web design


Background. This article focuses on the visual interpretation of astronomical data by means of infographics. The cause that stimulate us to research this matter is based on complex unresolved issue human perception and comprehension astronomical information. It comprises three main problems — grand scale, absence experience and mathematic formulas that obstruct in further learning and make the people curiosity disappeared. We review a lot of related information and revealed the universal approaches that can be accomplished in order to facilitate understanding astronomical phenomena by a wide range of people. Objectives. The objectives of this study are to search and determine the approaches in creation of form interactivity by means of infographics on visual interpretation astronomical information in the context of website. Novelty. This research is aimed to determine and evolve new interactive infographic principles that provide high efficient way of learning astronomical concepts. Methodology. Methods of this study are based on systematic approach to visual interpretation astronomical concepts under consideration. It includes reviewing scientific literature that covers issues of perception and understanding astronomical information, analysis of infographic websites examples and synthesis of information obtained. Results. The results of this study highlight the methods and forms of interpretation astronomical information that include audial and visual way, consider the infographics like compromise between text and graphics, single out an infographics as a main tool of information design to form it, review user-centered design as a way for better understanding target audience needs, find out the main tasks of method infographical visualisation, user interaction models that imply static, video/animation and interactivity and benefits of form the implementation in a website environment. Conclusions. Based on our research, we conclude the set of principles of interactive expression of infographic content, namely, principle that will serve like basis in the further design elaboration of website infographics and encourage the further researching.

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