Taras Shevchenko and Ukrainian artistic education

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The work of Shevchenko concerning the development of artistic education is considered. The article analyzes the little-known facts confirming the documentary existence of the project of Taras Shevchenko about the creation of an art school until the moment of the arrest of the poet and artist in 1847. It is stated, in particular, that on February 21, 1847, T. Shevchenko had to start the drawing at the Kyiv University. St. Volodymyr T. Shevchenko's life goals did not come true, but his ideological and aesthetic worldview had a direct artistic and pedagogical influence on contemporaries and artists-educators of Ukraine of the following generations. With various ideological approaches, the artistic ideas of T. Shevchenko were implemented both in Soviet Ukraine and in the centers of the Ukrainian diaspora. It is proved that in the methodical dimension T. Shevchenko's project had a broad cultural basis, relied on history, archeology, art studies, national everyday culture and applied arts, in general philosophy. Having overcome the stereotypes of academicism, T. Shevchenko laid out a new creative and pedagogical method, which received many followers and an infinite number of forms of implementation in all types and genres of art. It is noted that it was T. Shevchenko who became the cornerstone for the establishment of the national artistic school of Ukraine

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