The 15th International Triennial of Art Textiles in Łódź


The article overview report on major original works presented at the
15th International Triennial of Textile Art, held in Lodz (Poland). The author
also briefly noted the major art events that take place within the Triennale.
The article analyzes the development of artistic textile artifacts in Ukraine and
Poland. The role of modern artistic textiles in the decorative art of Ukraine
was revealed. By breaking the stereotypes of traditional weaving techniques,
the tapestry began to acquire the form of an independent form of art,
evolving from two-dimensional forms to spatial three-dimensional woven
compositions, using, along with the usual, non-traditional textile materials
such as plastic, wood, metal, paper, wire and many others, and lately also
processed materials, so-called ecological. The role of the International Textile
Triennale in the development of contemporary art of artistic fabric is traced.

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