Watercolor in the creative work of Yaroslav Ulhurskyi


The article is devoted to the research of the works of Lviv artist Yaroslav
Ulhurskyi, namely, the study of his watercolor sheets in the context of the
visualization features of the Ukrainian landscape art.
The actuality of the proposed article is based on the fact that the paintings
made by Y.Ulhurskyi in watercolor technique belong to high-specter samples,
and the artist's experience in various techniques and genres is capacious.
His artistic heritage represents genres of landscape and still life, portrait and
iconic composition.
The artist skillfully owns the technique of water paints, but this aspect
of creativity has not been shown in the exposition until recently.

More famous are the artworks of the author which are made in the
technique of oil and tempera painting.
The series of watercolors was inaccessible to the general public until
recently. In order to write the research, the photo material, as well as a large
number of archival materials was used, which creates a rich source base.
Yaroslav Oleksiyovych Ulhurskyi – is a Ukrainian interior designer, painter,
ass. professor of the Department of Interior Design of Lviv National
Academy of Arts (LNAA), laureate of the State Building Committee
of Ukraine (1982, for the design and interior design of the Lviv association
of radio engineering equipment Plant's House of Culture in Lviv),
an excellent student of education in Ukraine (2001), bright but understudied
in the context of watercolor painting, a representative of the Lviv branch
of the second half of the 20th – beginning of the 21st century.
A pupil of M.Kurylych, I.Skobalo, V.Monastyrskyi and I.Severa, the artist
developed a lyrical approach to art, through which he demonstrates his own
reflections on the surrounding reality. The original vision of the world, the
skillful hand and the desire tomarvel are based on the traditions of realistic art.
Watercolor sheets are made very skillfully from the technical side. They
surprise by the sincere transmission of the diversity and nature emotions.
The moments captured on the sheets (some of the was created areleady
half a century ago), involuntarily convey the long experiences and
observations of the author.
Favorite subject – is the beauty of the surrounding nature.
Landscapes show picturesque places which were visited by the artist during
numerous trips: from the outskirts of Lviv to the far Caucasus.
The author uses classical compositions. The colors are tempered, saturated,
transparent and contrasting at the same time.

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