Evolution of form creation in Emmanuil Mys`ko sculptures


The article is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Emmanuil Mys`ko (1929–2019). The known and unknown facts from the creative biography of prominent Ukrainian sculptor and teacher Emmanuil Mys`ko have been covered and analyzed. The evolution of the formation of the artistic image has been traced.
The results of the study give grounds to claim that Emmanuil Mys`ko made a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian fine arts, sculpture and higher art education of Ukraine. His active public position and activities have been studied. Three periods of artist's creativity are analyzed. The defining feature of Emmanuil Mys`ko works is the richness and variety of plastics. Comparison of the sculptors works of the early, mature and the last period of creativity, shows us constant development and expansion of the range of means of his plastic language. The search for a distinct individual form, noticed in nature, sharpened "portraiture", becomes one of the key principles of the sculptor Emmanuil Mys`ko

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