A sculptural portrait in the work of Emmanuil Myskо: the evolution of plastic language


In this article a complex analysis of visual structural features in portraits series of representatives of Ukrainian intellectuals, which was created by E. Myskо. In particular, there were identi ed the speci city of visual interpretations and conceptual foundations of that series in view of professional and personal characteristics portrayed. Except that in this article have been made comparative analysis of the essential series, which displayed the unique character and features of Emmanuil Mysko’s artistic style, his method of working with nature, and especially visual features of pictured characters which are called «living sculpture». Accordingly, the main focus was applied on the representation characteristics of formal-plastic solutions in the sculptures of artist Ivan Muzychko, І.Khoma, M. Labunkа, W. Sternyuk, J. Slipyj. In addition, in this article individualized composition, forming and psychological accents, which was made by E. Mysko in each of these portraits have been noted

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