Drawing legacy of professor of Kyiv State Art Institute Kostiantyna (Kostia) Yelevy


The study attempts to illuminate and analyze facts from the biography of the professor of the Kyiv Art Institute Kostia Yeleva. The creative and pedagogical path of Kostia Yeleva is investigated, in particular, attention is paid to the artistic analysis of his drawing heritage. The chronology of Professor K. Yeleva's teaching period at the Kiev Art Institute has been clarified. Kostya Yeleva played the role of a historical link between M. Boichuk's school and the modern art process through his students: professor of the department of drawings  Y. Iatchenko, professors of the department of painting and composition T. Holembiievska, O. Lopukhova, V. Puzyrkova, V. Chekaniuk, V. Shatalina, T. Yablonska. In turn, they taught many generations of students. The creativity of the K.Yeleva as an drawing artist was studied. Based on a educational and methodological collection of the department of drawing, the artist's heritage was analyzed by the varieties: drawings of landscape and living nature, sketches of figures, drawings of the figure, head and nude nature. The analytical approach of the master to the interpretation of form, generalization, monumentality, linear solution with minimal input of tone, emphasized constructiveness are emphasized.
A comparative analysis of K. Yeleva's drawings with the works of M. Boichuk, O. Bohomazov is carried through. Dating of certain drawings of the naked nature of K. Yeleva in the 1920s-1930s is specified. The results of the research give reasons to claim that Kostya Yelev made a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian art of the twentieth century.

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