Unpublished art works of Volodymyr Sichynskyi. Systematization issues and prospects for research


Volodymyr Sichynskyi's art studies have been researched, which remain under-researched and little-known in the scientific community, some of which have not yet been published. First of all, we know about the works «Fine Arts (Industrial, Historical and Folk Art)», «Dictionary of Ukrainian Artists», «Methodological Scheme of Art Studies», «History of Ukrainian Art». The work of the scientist is characterized by a European approach to the study, research and art of generalizing scientific material. His scientific and creative achievements are presented to the world community by the greatness of Ukrainian culture and art.

Language of publication: 

1. Istoriia ukrainskoho mystetstva [History of Ukrainian Art]. (1966). V. 1. M. P. Bazhan (Ed.). (Vols. 1–6). Kyiv [in Ukrainian].
2. Sichinsky, V. (1936). Hryhorii Levytskyi [Grigory Levitsky] (1697–1769). Lviv [in Ukrainian].
3. Sichinsky, V. (1925). Dereviani tserkvy i dzvinnytsi Halytskoi Ukrainy XVI – XIX st. [Wooden churches and bell towers of Halych Ukraine of the 16th – 19th centuries]. Lviv [in Ukrainian].
4. Sichinsky, V. (1935). Ruinuiut Kyiv [Ruin Kiev!] Dilo, 111 [in Ukrainian].
5. Sichinsky, V. (1994). Promova na sviatkuvanni svoho yuvileiu [Speech on celebration of his anniversary]. Duklya, 3, 50 [in Ukrainian].
6. Sichinsky, V. Khronolohichna zbirka (Mashynopys). Arkhiv Sichynskoho Yaroslava [Chronological collection (Typescript). Arkhiv Sichyns’koho Yaroslava]. – Dokument, 92 [in Ukrainian].
7. Sichinsky, Y. (1996). Slovo pro batka [A word about his father]. Volodymyr Sichynskyi ta Ukraina. Kyiv: Abrys [in Ukrainian].