The influence of Blek le Rat and Banksy art works on the mural art in Lviv. Stencil graffiti


The article is dedicated to alalysis of mural art illustrated by the works of Blek le Rat and Banksy and undertaking of study of their influence on the urbanistic art of Lviv. Research material is briefly reviewing biographical information of the world-renowned stars of street art. The main art projects, locations and art space are described, the determinations that are little-known in Ukrainian art literature as «brandalism» and «stencil graffiti» are explained. It proves that the rapid improvement of сontemporary Ukrainian art is closely related with the process of globalization in multicultiral world. The projects of the artists in public space are being expressed more frequently and made performative and socio-political sense. The cities and the streets that are disappearing or are saved and idealized are considered as the objects for the large-scale paintings. It is established that the researchers of the leading urbanistic painters of the Ukrainian contemporary art are almost absent.

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