Unfading Flowers of Pokuttya in the Works of Paraska Khoma


The article highlights important periods of life and work of folk artist from the village of Cherniatyn in Ivano-Frankivsk region Parasky Khoma, who for a long time remained one of the most prominent representatives of folk decorative painting – the followers of ancient Ukrainian tradition of creating original flower compositions on paper.
The purpose of this study is to disclose the artistic features of works, the exhibition activity, detailed analysis and rethinking of the compositional and colour decisions related to the specific conditions of life in the village, their influence on the formation of peculiar peasant, philosophical worldview, their own aesthetic criteria, moral principles, the level of abstraction and performing culture, which have not sufficiently been analysed in the scientific publications in the period of independent Ukraine.
Paraska Khoma created more than 5,000 original drawings, the majority of which were presented at 30 personal exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Until the last days of her life, the artist surprised people by new peculiar works and witty expressions that reveal the individuality of the creative personality, her imagination, the breadth of thought, which are decisive not only in characteristic of a particular artist, features of her psychology, but also reflect the artistic achievements of a particular region and are important for further development of the culture as a whole

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