The influence of landscape on the design style


In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in landscape art. In article consideration of influence of a landscape on style variety in design is carried out. Basic requirements to high-quality landscaping are formulated. Objectives. The objectives of this study are to determine the influence of a landscape on style characteristics, the directions and currents in design. The scientific novelty of work consists in the analysis of those channels of influence on which there is a communication of design with a landscape and landscape art. Research methodology. When carrying out a research the integrated approach caused by need of use of the comparative-historical method fixing similarity between a landscape and styles of design was used. Application of culturological methodology which includes the sociocultural approach important for our research as emphasis of attention on unity of culture and society, taking into account scientific achievements design, cultures, ethnographies, psychology, stories, etc. also is necessary. Results. The results of the research support the idea that the landscape always has to meet needs of those persons who use it. The principles of selection of elements of industrial design entirely will be suitable also for creation of a qualitative landscape. It is found out that the concept of unity in landscaping provides use of the correct proportions and feeling of scale and also respect for balance of color, invoice and form. Conclusions. We conclude that it is established that though in general there are only two main styles of landscaping – landscape (actually landscape) and regular (classical), there are also set of variations of these styles. The important rule at design of landscapes is ensuring contrast of the opened and closed spaces.

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